Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to Square One

This morning Erika and I went to a Chi Running Coach. We met Sarah at the fitness center indoor track and we learned how to run, that is, how to run more efficiently with less injuries. It was an interesting 2 hours. We did drills and core work, and practiced running on the track. I plan to run now. I had been waiting for this session before starting it up, having not run since February (when I tore my meniscus). It felt great!

So while I did not do a triathlon today, I did run, swim and bike. I ran about 2 miles on the track during and after the training session. Then we went to the pool and I swam 1,000 yards. We went to lunch, went shopping, came home and ate supper, then I went down to the basement and rode my bike 15 miles on the trainer. Riding was easier tonight than last night, perhaps because I did not eat as much junk today as I did yesterday.
Grand total cycling miles so far in 2008: 5,980. I will ride the last 20 miles before Monday, just in case I don't feel like riding for a couple of days after the cardiac ablation procedure.

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