Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go Linda Go Linda Go

I am counting down the hours... 19 hours until my flight takes off from the zero degree cold of Detroit! I will spend the day tomorrow in Miami (8 hour layover at Miami Int'l Airport) and arrive at Curacao at 9 PM. Yay! I am going a day before the camp starts, because of the late arrival. I did not think I could get my bike assembled and be ready to train the next morning when arriving so late in the day. We early arrivals plan to go into town and drink beer that first evening before everyone else arrives. Best to get that out of our systems before the real training starts!

I bought a bike box and Bill and I took the bike apart and packed it a couple of days ago... did not want to wait until the last minute. But last night I looked on the American Airlines site and found that all the other stuff can't be in the bike box (shoes, camelbak, water bottles, tools, spare tubes) so I have to unpack it today and fit all that stuff in my suitcase, which is already quite full. Oh well, I can take less clothes--we're going to be in bathing suits most of the time anyway!

I have 80 first cousins on my mom's side, and 12 on my dad's side, 5 siblings and 20-some nieces and nephews.... Bill has a brother, 2 nephews and 2 cousins. That's it. So when we got the wedding invitation for his cousin's wedding we decided we should go. Of course it is not local... so we are going to Florida again in early Feb. No bike this time! It will be a nice chance for us to have a 4 day weekend in the warm weather.

I went to the orthopedist last Thursday, got a ticket to get physical therapy on my knee, which as ALMOST all the way healed. I'll have to fit that in when I get back. But then I went out for a short run that should have been a bit shorter: I did 4 miles, and 1/4 mile from home my OTHER knee did something weird... not really twisted, but it felt like the kneecap moved the wrong way. The next day it hurt at swimming practice, but seems OK now. I should probably take the running clothes and shoes out of the suitcase. That would give me room for the bike stuff!

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