Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunny and 70 in Miami

We left Detroit in frigid temperatures--the readout in the truck said 1 degree F. Bill dropped me at the curb at 4:10 AM and by 4:25 I was inside the secure zone eating a muffin and drinking coffee. As if that were not miraculous enough on its own, the airlines did NOT charge me for shipping my bike with me! The website said it would be $100 in addition to any checked baggage fee, and when I checked in at the self help kiosk it stated that I was allowed 2 bags with no charge. So when I got up to the desk to hand over my luggage, the clerk said that since the bike box was less than 50 pounds it could count as my second checked bag! Yay!

I met up with Walt and Phyllis and Irene and Andy before we got on the plane, but we were not seated near one another... It is indeed 70 and sunny here in Miami, and we'll be here until our plane for Curacoa leaves at 4 PM. It is in the 80s in Curacao... we are in the Admiral Lounge, to which some of our party have access due to carrying a platinum American Express card. We have drinks and snacks here at no charge...

We are going to go eat real food now, so that we can eat again before we get on the 4 PM flight. Life is good!


Marie Swan said...

Keep on living the life of my dreams! You are still my heroine. I just love reading about your adventures. Keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

So what exactly are you going down there for? Swimming? Or did you just tell Bill that to get out of the frigid cold?
Keep up the great work and we'll see you soon.