Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday January 19

We started the day in the pool, about 2000 yards. We worked on lengthening strokes again today, drills and swimming. In the next few days Boris and Vlad are going to videotape us underwater. Everyone says that is really brutal--seeing yourself as you really swim. Phyllis came down and took some photos at the pool this morning. (bruise on shoulder courtesy of baby Adam last week).

After the swim we had breakfast, and they decided that both bike rides would take off at noon. So we all lined up and I took some flak for my uncool bike setup: I ride an aluminum bike! It has 3 chain rings! I use a camelbak! My helmet (which needs to be replaced) has a MIRROR on it! And my bike sandals are still a curiosity... that's OK. I'm strong enough on the bike and I like using the camelbak even though it is so uncool... I have been drinking the full camelbak of water and a bottle of accelerade during our rides of 2 hours or less. I am not giving it up to be cool! I took a photo of the bike coaches, Jonathan (with Kiki) and Mike.

I went out for the open water swim, but the sea was very choppy--several of us swam out there and turned around to do our swim in the lagoon. Those who went out in the sea got a lesson in how to swim over and under big waves. I thought I was too tired to do that. After we all got back we had some individual help on stroke lenthening and pulling from Boris and Andy. Vlad showed us his very impressive butterfly stroke, and Boris did this very cool exercise standing on shore wiggling his legs to simulate kicking while doing arm strokes, with torso involvement... all while we watched his shadow"swim" on the white sand. Guess you had to be there...

We have quite a group of people here! There are a couple of doctors, a bike racer, elite triathletes, 2 published authors... most of them already knew each other from previous years. But we all work out together, and have coctail hour to watch the sunset. We eat together... I see why they all come back year after year. Here is Andy modeling this year's camp shirt.

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