Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday January 20

We started out this day a little differently--no early morning swim. Instead we loaded the bikes on this very cool bus and drove out of town. The bus dropped us and our bikes on the other side of town and road construction, and we rode to the beach at Knip. I used my small chain ring for the first time on this trip--I had been powering up the hills in the middle ring, but we got into a different class of hills this time! I used the small ring twice and both times threw my chain at the top of the hill... seems like the bike needs some adjustment. I had a real moment of reckoning passing everyone's bikes down the aisle of the bus--mine was the only one that required two hands to lift! No joke! It weighs at least twice as much as every other bike on this trip!
We spent much of the day at the beach, swimming and eating and swimming some more. Scott played his guitar and it was a great time.

When we got back to Lions Dive, I spent some time chilling in the room, then met up with the group at the beach but did not swim again--I had had enough at the beach! Dinner and early to bed... another day in Paradise!

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