Monday, February 16, 2009

Indoor Triathlon

This is a photo of three generations of triathletes! Yesterday daughter Erika, her son, and I did the Milford Indoor Triathlon. In this event each participant swam in the pool, biked on a stationary bike, and ran on an indoor track for a set number of minutes, 10, 15, or 20. We were able to choose which event to do first, second, and third, and were not required to do all three. Erika and Toby chose 10 minutes in each sport, since this was their first multi sport event, and I chose 20 minutes in each, since I wanted to see how ready I was for the season.

Results were interesting--we're still trying to figure out what the scores mean! I swam 1000 yards in my 20 minutes and Erika swam 450 in her 10 minutes and we both scored 84 on the swim. We are both distance cyclists, so we scored low on the cycling! Cycling score was based on number of calories burned as computed by the bike. We both ramped up to a good cadence and stayed there throughout the workout regardless of hills and flats programmed into the bikes and we both scored low. Toby did a little grandstanding in the pool, showing off all 4 stokes!
Just looking at scores, not trying to figure out what they mean, Erika finished 3rd of 5 in her age group. (But the first place finisher in her age group only swam, did not run or bike!???). I finished 2nd of 5 in my age group. Toby finished first of 5 in the "13 and under" age group. So we did OK, weird scoring notwithstanding. After we got our medals we went out to eat (omelets and dessert!).

Today was the first day I went back to the gym. Ouch. I have been away for a year, having left while training for the coast to coast bike ride last year. I was measured (ouch again) and did a one hour workout, then went to the pool and swam 2000 yards. I started logging my food again too. I guess the weight I gained last fall is not going to magically disappear... such fun getting older.

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