Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a day!

Earlier in the week I bought a new toy--a mini-laptop computer. I had some problem getting it going, so asked my son-in-law Francis, who is a computer technician, to give me a hand... several hours later he gave up and I took it back. It would not connect! He spent hours on the phone with tech support and they had no notion how to make it work either. It was a brand new version of linux that no one had had training on!

So I took it back and got a refund, went to a different store and bought a different brand that comes with Windows installed. I am NOT a computer expert and it took me just minutes to install and connect, both with wires and wireless! So here is a photo of my new toy--notice the bic pen next to it for size comparison. It it going to accompany me on future adventures so I will not have to try to find a computer to post to this blog. In fact it will be flying to Florida with me this Thursday where my bike and my biking buddy are waiting for me. We have a lot planned for the 12 days I will be there!

The advantage of Francis spending hours trying to set up my computer today is that I got to spend the time with my grandson Adam. You can see his new haircut here--this is what happens when you squirm too much while mom's cutting your hair! (notice the evil snow out the window)

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