Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

It is 1 degree F outside this morning... yikes! And we are leaving at 6 AM for Florida. Good timing once again. Bill and I are taking a long weekend to attend his cousin's wedding in Maitland, just north of Orlando. Swimsuits and shorts (we hope) for most of this weekend, and if not, we can still handle the predicted 70 degrees.

Bill has just 2 cousins, 2 nephews, and one sibling... I have 79 cousins on my mom's side and 10 on my dad's.... 5 siblings and 23 nieces and nephews (who have 30 kids among them). We try to attend all family events to which we are invited, but this one was especially important to Bill since the last 2 trips to Florida were for funerals.

We packed lots of books and running shorts and shoes; need to start running again if I am to do triathlons this year. What better time or place?

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