Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holy cow! What a day!

First-- here is a link to the rest of the Curacao photos: They are available for sharing.

Now if you don't want to read about the rest of my life since coming home, feel free to look at the photo album and go away happy...

Since I've been home I have 1. caught up on laundry. 2. opened all the mail and read the papers. 3. got groceries. 4. I took my 9-year old grandson to swim team practice. 5. caught up on email and phone mail. 6. Went to Pilates. 7. Last night I spent the night in the emergency room with daughter Erika. It was ugly--she has a history of pancreatitis and a terrible inherited tendency to pancreatic cancer.... and she was experiencing severe upper abdominal pain and bloating. Yikes! We parked Toby here with Bill and went to the ER at 8 PM. They did blood and urine tests, X rays and CT scan, and did not come up with a definitive diagnosis. She was released just before 4 AM after being on IV and pain medication for 8 hours... the good news is that she feels better. Other good news is that she has now had the scan which can be used as a base line for tracking future pancreatic issues that may arise. She has an appointment to see her own doctor next week and has already changed her diet to one recommended for people with her history.

So we got home a little after 4 AM, and I went to bed and set the alarm clock for 6:30! Had to take Toby to school and then pick up Adam for our usual Wednesday rendezvous... ever spend the day with a one-year-old after getting 2 hours sleep??? We got by... Erika had stayed here for the rest of the night since Toby was already sleeping here, so I did the morning duty and she got up later and played with Adam while I went up for a nap. Eventually we all napped, she took Toby to swim practice, and Bill took me to dinner after Adam was picked up. Baby and I had a nice day together, as usual.

Life is good!

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