Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bike and Tennis and Swim

This day started very early... we were up at 6:30, which felt a lot like 5:30 due to the time change. It was a bit chilly when we got on the bikes at 7:40 and we watched the sunrise in our rear view mirrors on the way to the Suncoast Cycling Club ride. Since this is Sunday after the first Saturday of the month, it was the Starbucks Ride.

We left the parking lot at 8:30, rode down to Hone
ymoon Island and back and then got off the main roads and had a pleasant ride to Safety Harbor where we stopped at Starbucks. (I drank my energy replacement drink). The photo shows Dianne and Ray and me in our Suncoast jerseys. After the break at Starbucks we headed back out on the road and I got dropped when I stopped to take a photo of a stork. This left me, Dianne and Otis to finish our ride, which included a spin through Oldsmar, a lovely little town established by Ransom E Olds back in the 1920s.

We rode home from the ride (43 miles) and cleaned up and ate an omelet. We only had time for one game of Scrabble before Dianne's tennis tournament at 2:00. We packed up the Scrabble game and our swimsuits and towels and went to the tournament, which she and her doubles partner won. It was very cool listening to the other people watching them play. Dianne just returned to tennis after 20 years and she is blowing away the competition--they don't know what hit them!

When she was finished playing tennis we went to the pool but it was still pretty full with water walkers and noodlers, so we got out the Scrabble game and played until the pool emptied out. We then swam our laps--I did 2000 meters today, which is equivalent to the 1.2 mile swim in the half iron triathlon. By the time we swam and recovered in the hot tub we were starved! So we did the outdoor shower in our swimsuits, put on some dry clothes and went out fo
r Chinese food. Another day packed as full as we could get it!

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Lynette said...

Hi Linda, I'm in between patients. Just stopped by to see how much fun your having.