Monday, May 25, 2009

7040 Steps forward...

That's right, 7,040 steps forward and no steps back! That is, I ran 4 miles today, first run in 6 weeks. Now that I know I can run 4 miles, I can sign up for the shorter distance triathlons this year in between the planned bike trips and kayak trip. Life is good!

This busy weekend I rode my bike 3 times, swam once and ran once, made 6 dozen cookies and a dozen muffins, pulled weeds and rearranged garden stuff for about 10 hours, ran the water stop for our annual Memorial day run, attended the post run picnic, babysat overnight with Adam, went to church and breakfast, went to the movies with Bill, did a week's worth of laundry and housework... I think I'm done now.

One more week to work! Yay! Life is good!

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