Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check your tires!

Check your bike tires. Like right now, go out and check them! I check the tires on my road bike frequently--almost every time I ride. And last time I rode that bike I checked them at the park, right before the ride, and found a small slit in one. Having no tires with me, and since it held air OK, I did not change it. But I made a mental note to get new tires before riding it again. So I did. I bought 2 sets of tires for the road bike--one foldable. And while I was there (good sale going on at REI), I bought a set of mountain bike tires. I had not checked them lately, but they were on sale and I knew I would need them before going to Wyoming in August.

So I bought 2 mountain bike tires too, and hung all the new tires on the wall in the garage. (good place for them, right?). Well, today I went out to the garage and something drew my eye to my mountain bike's rear tire. I was appalled when I saw what it was--see it in the photo for yourself! (tube bulging out through hole in tire). I rode that bike 22 miles with relatives for the Metro Grand Spring Tour, and then rode the 18 miles home from the park by myself with that tire like that... So go check your tires!

Note to self: check mountain bike tires more than once a year.

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