Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michigan Springtime

Spring has finally sprung! And I have the photos to prove it! We had an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids--easy to find bright colored plastic eggs for little Adam and camoflage eggs (really!) for Toby, hidden so well that I almost could not find the last one, and I'm the one that hid them! It's a big back yard for searching... Every year one of the big kids suggests I make a map, because invariably I forget where they are. One year we found one from the previous year... good thing we don't hide real eggs!

Then the buoy tender came. Now I know it's spring!

The Metro Grand Spring Tour is the first large organized bike ride in Southeast Michigan every year. I missed it last year because my bike was already on its way to California for the cross country ride. So this year I did it with daughter Alison, both grandsons, and cousin Kat. A good time was had by all, including catching our breakfast (flying pancakes!). We rode 22 miles together, good training for Toby for the PALM ride in late June. He did very well on his geared mountain bike. And his mom promised she would get him road tires before the big ride.

Today we pulled the boat out of the barn and opened it up for waxing and preparing the bottom. Not sure how far away launch day is... I usually don't get involved in the waxing. Division of labor in this household--I always cut the grass and Bill never cuts the grass. He always waxes the boat and I never help. Seems fair to me!

I will surely be glad when this 2-month temporary job is over! It's too much like work! It is severly curtailing my biking!

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