Saturday, April 4, 2009

A bike and a brick

Here is my husband Bill on his new bike! He likes it enough to ride it, which is a lot better than the relationship he had with his other bike (anybody want to buy a Y-22 with almost no miles on it?)... as we walked out after dinner to get the photos of Bill on his bike, several deer were at the pond. Fortunately they don't eat fish! We have a lot of them this year--last year while I was on my coast to coast bike tour they multiplied! (anybody want some fish for their pond?).

I went out to ride today because the signs of spring don't mean anything in Michigan. It is going to rain tomorrow morning and snow tomorrow night, accumulation expected to be 1 to 3 inches here, more north of the city. Blast! And all these daffodils ready to bloom... hundreds and hundreds of daffodils (anybody want some daffodils? come on over!).

So I rode my bike 18 miles (one loop of the island), came home and changed shoes and ran 4 miles. My first brick since 2007! Yay! It was not easy--I was a bit slow on the run, but it's a start. I still have not signed up for any multisport events this year... I want to do them, but am unsure of my ability to run 13 miles after swimming and biking... yeah, I know I can sign up for some sprint distance triathlons...

I was back in the pool as of Friday. Yay again! My leg is healing well, still a hole in it after almost a month (less than a third of its original size and depth) but I taped it up and went in the pool. We were compressed into 3 lanes so I was swimming with the big dogs. I kept up very well for the first half of the workout, slowed down some in the second half... total yardage: 3,100. Life is good, and I am back in the loop. (happy sigh)....

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