Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23. Stanton to St. Charles, 51 miles.

This was the longest day of the tour at 51 miles. We started off on the bike path from the High School where we camped, got out onto the road and stayed on the same straight road for just about the whole day. Not a lot of scenery on this one--farms and fields mostly and no place for ice cream! We ate our lunch in the town of Ithaca--a good lunch but it took a very long time. The little restaurant was not quite ready for 700 bikers to come through town! Photo above shows a group from the Downriver Cycling Club, to which I belong! The entire restaurant was full of PALM riders!

Toby found a white ladybug at one of the rest stops and a cocoon full of wriggling worms ready to hatch out at another. Unfortunately the mean grandma (me) would not let him bring them home!

It was unbearably hot when we set up the tent and we cooled off in the school after our showers. After dinner Toby, Ian, Alex and Jake played squirt gun tag until they were red-faced and sweating and I asked them all to get a bottle of cold water and sit in the shade... Photos show the bike computer at the end of today's ride, Toby and grandma, and Toby, Jake, Ian and Alex--they look pretty good after riding 51 miles! And tent city at the end of another day.

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