Saturday, July 11, 2009

The rest of the story

So what do I do when I'm not on a bike trip? Ride my bike of course, and swim, run, and kayak; and I do other interesting things, like moving a boat hoist from our neighbor's dock to ours...
First we see Otis doing his Yogi-bear-behind-a-tree routine with his interesting hybrid bike! Otis has 4 bikes, but his mountain bike was all packed up to go to the Michigander, his road bike was getting rebuilt, and one of his other bikes had a broken spoke and the other had a flat tire! So he did what my brother Jim used to do when we were kids--he cobbled together a bike for our ride on Friday. Look closely at the bike and its very different wheels and tires! I probably would have skipped the ride that day.... no, I would have changed the tire! I've done so much of that this year that I'm down to 6 minutes per wheel!

This morning we decided to move the boat hoist that our neighbor gave us. We already have a large electric hoist that we rent out and a kayak launcher that we replanked last year. We have a spot for our sailboat (but it's still in the back yard), a spot for our friend Keith's boat, which is in the water already... now we have an aluminum hoist for the boat that Erika does not have yet.

We hauled all the gear down to the dock, and Bill tied our trusty plastic drums to the hoist that we were moving (for floatation) while Keith took the uprights off the hoist that we had to climb over with the hoist we were moving... Tim (the neighbor) lowered the hoist that Keith had modified and Bill and Erika floated ours over it with some difficulty. Then Keith drove his boat over and I tied on to the hoist and we pulled Bill and Erika up the river on the floated hoist and put it next to our dock. Toby supervised the whole operation from a kayak. People were stopping in their cars and on their bikes to see what on earth we were doing...

We are still calling Bill and Erika "Huck" and "Tom". It may take them a while to live this one down.... And my brother in law asked me if I ever got bored being retired... if I ever woke up and said "what am I going to do today?". NOT!

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