Thursday, July 16, 2009

Training for Wyoming

I am in Charlevoix, in northern Michigan to ride hills for a couple of days. I arrived yesterday... first I drove an hour and a half, then swam with the coach riding herd on us all. Then got back in the truck and drove another 3 1/2 hours to get here.

I unloaded my road bike, changed clothes in the garage and went on a 49 mile ride to get ready to train... I took the beautiful paved bike path from Charlevoix to the other side of Petoskey. The path runs along Lake Michigan, right at the coastline. I passed the old Big Rock Point nuclear plant property and several big new housing developments on the water... did not bring my camera this time, and already regret it. There were a few minor hills on my route yesterday, enough to get me ready for today.

Today I plan to ride out to Boyne Mountain, a local ski resort. I did a triathlon on that road once, and I had to stop to breathe a few times on the long uphill grades. I am hoping that I am in better shape now than I was back then--guess I'll know when I get there! Either way it should be good training for next month in Wyoming.

I've also been training for the Scrabble marathons that Dianne and I will surely have during those 2 weeks in Wyoming! I have spent a lot of time playing Scrabble on the computer since I don't have anyone around to play... I can't let her beat me more than 50% of the time!

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Marie Swan said...

I wish I could remember what road it was; one year going north for DALMAC we really worked the hills. I know it was between East Jordan and Petoskey. I distinctly remember a set of hills going into Petoskey that they called the "7 sisters". Up and down, and up and down. There are some great training roads in that area! Good luck and have fun!!