Thursday, July 16, 2009

Riding the hills

I left my sis and bro-in-law's house a bit after 11 this morning and headed down M-66 toward East Jordan. I had a few long hills on the road, one requiring me to use the small chain ring--it's been a while since that happened!

At East Jordan I stopped and had a sandwich and then headed out of town on a road that Mike recommended, East Jordan Boyne City Rd. Took that to Deer Lake Rd, where I encountered a long climb--not real steep but long, followed by an even longer downhill. Once I turned the corner on to M-75 (NOT I-75!) toward Boyne City I was facing into a very strong headwind. Not fun at all. The rest of the ride I fought the head wind, had some climbing, but nothing that made me say bad words. I was at mile 23 when I turned that corner, and all along the shore of Lake Charlevoix I fought that wind. I had a few rollers, not to diminish them--it was much more than I ever get at home, but somehow they are not as hard as they used to be! Let's hope that holds true when I get to Wyoming!

I rode to the Ironton Ferry, which was just pulling in as I got there. There was a line of cars waiting, but I got to go on right away while only half of the cars fit. Got back to Charlovoix about 3:15, and I had had enough at 45 miles! I think I should plan to ride a lot more before I leave for WY on Aug. 11.

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Marie Swan said...

Just think about what that small chain ring does for your legs! Hope your weather holds!!