Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14: Biking on the ski hill

We started this day with a bike ride--Steve from NC had on 2 hats, legwarmers and a warm jacket. Dianne from FL had on booties and a warm jacket.... it was not too bad out this AM, probably 40 degrees. We spent a good part of the morning's ride on bike path where we saw this nest inhabited by alert ospreys and their young.

By the time we got up to Teton Village we were taking off jackets and hats! We took the tram up from 6,300 feet to 10, 500 feet. What a view! We hung around up there for a long time to acclimate to the altitude, and it was fine... You can see us here at the same level as the snow covered peaks behind us--very nice!
When we got back down to the bottom of the mountain, we took a ski lift up with our bikes and careened down a single track ski hill--we're too old for this stuff! We all hope we don't have much of that kind of steep rocky downhill on our tour!

After Teton Village we headed out toward Moose, and entered the Grand Teton National Park. On the way to Moose we saw... a moose! We ate lunch in Moose--a very busy place! While we were there the rain started to spatter a little so we headed on out. Steve and I took a detour recommended by Cal yesterday and had a tough dirt road to traverse, but we saw hundreds of buffalo roaming free. Quite a sight... No fences, and at one point a bull was looking at us with interest and I said "let's get out of here".. .saw him cross the road in my rear view mirror. Guess he just wanted to walk where we were sitting on our bikes.

The traffic through town was horrific, and we were fighting a wicked headwind all the way down from Moose. But we made it home right before the thunderstorm roared through. Life is good for sure! We met up with the tour guides tonight--Ray and Lynn, and two other riders, Brian and Eli. We ate at the brewery and a good time was had by all...

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