Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 19, Whiskey Grove Campground to Pinedale. 37 miles

This morning was the coldest yet! Ray estimated 23 degrees, Lynn thought 25. Either way it was doggone cold.. I hated to get out of that sleeping bag. This was the first time I ever slept in it with it zipped all the way up and the hood pulled tight around my head!

We huddled together to stay warm while eating breakfast and having our morning route meeting. We started out around 9:30 this morning, and what a nice ride! The first 3 or 4 miles were on dirt roads that were in very good shape, and then we rode some rolling hills on pavement for 20 miles or so... I came face to face with a young prong horn antelope, but as I slowed down to think about photographing him, he realized what I was and bounded off. I saw a dead jackrabbit in the road--they are really huge!

As we rode, we could see the Teton Range far off to our right, and the Gros Ventre Range a bit closer. Off to our left was the Wind River Range. There were many large cattle ranches, each displaying its name on a large entry arch over the main drive. It was a beautiful ride, and the pavement was a nice break. The back of my left knee has been sore for a couple of days--similar problem to when I pulled the hamstring last year on the coast to coast ride... Last night at camp, one of the riders (who is a massage therapist) worked on it a little, and I have been using sports cream on it. Today it was good while on the pavement because I could pedal with right leg only and let the left come along for the ride. Once we got back on dirt road, about 28 miles into the ride, the left knee stiffened up. This is not good.

Steve and I arrived at camp at 12:30, only Brian-from-Dallas ahead of us. We set up camp and everyone else arrived shortly. There were hot showers and flush toilets--we really needed these amenities after last night's primitive campground. After we were all clean and set up, Lynn drove us to the laundromat, and here to the library.

We all went to dinner at Stockman's, a well known restaurant here in Pinedale. We ran into a couple of cowboys while there, and Dianne started talking with them and asked if we could take their photos. They agreed, with stipulations (us on their laps). They take people on horseback back country tours, and the one with Dianne is the great grandson of a man who used to run around with Butch Cassidy. This is really an interesting place! Here we all are: Brian-from-Dallas, Joe, me, Eli and Dianne at one table, and Ray, Judy, Mike, Brian-from-Kansas, Lynn, Steve and John at the other.

After dinner we went for ice cream and a ride around to look at the area, then it was back to camp and bed. It's very different being in town--lights and noises that we are not accustomed to.

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