Monday, August 3, 2009

July 29: Harpers Ferry to McGregor, IA, 12 miles

This morning's wake up call was a very silly song about shaving cream. There were many verses, each sillier than the last. Here is one that I remember:

Our baby fell out of the window, we thought that her head would be split. But good luck was with her that morning--she fell into a barrel of ... shaving cream, shaving cream, shave every day and you'll always be clean. Where does Jim get this stuff??????? After packing up we headed out for breakfast and stopped to take photos of the phone booth--yes it is still in service. We also saw an ice cream vending machine in someone's yard... what a great place Harpers Ferry, Iowa is!

Today is silly hat day and the shortest day of this year's Rumble. We started the day with the showing of the hats and the official Great River Rumble group photo. Bill drove road support today--he likes to do that once each trip. Since we brought the tandem kayak, I was forced into using a sleek little Caribou kayak--only 22 inches wide and fast and smooth in the water--it felt light as a feather after paddling the tandem all week!

We had another lovely day on the river--winds at our backs, sandy beaches... the war canoe was out to get everyone--when you have 8 or 10 paddlers in the boat, you can free up some hands to shoot water guns... at one nice beach spot we heard that there was a porta potty in the woods, sort of. Below you can see what we found--men's room was the tree, women's room was the seat....

We bussed to the park from the landing, set up the tent and took showers at the high school--nice hot showers! Then we bussed back to town for beer and brats, and bussed back to the park. There was entertainment later on, an 80 year old accordion player, but we did not attend, since we did not want to bus down to town again.

We had a glass of wine to toast the end of another wonderful day on the Great River.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to have you stop & pick me to embelish your hat. I also made the welcome sign & sign in sheet at the community building. I'm very glad to be able to read your blog, & follow you & your ride in our area. Thanks again for inviting us into your world which is all new to me. Thanks again. Trisha Olson P.O. Box 123 Harpers, Ia. 52146