Monday, August 3, 2009

July 28: Lansing to Harpers Ferry, IA. 17 miles.

This morning's wake up call started with Dueling Banjos. always fun on this trip, and then morphed into a cowbell, a mooing cow sound and a voice saying WAKE UP, DON'T SLEEP YOUR LIFE AWAY! Hard to sleep through that!

On the way to breakfast Bill noticed my wallet fall out of my fanny pack--we picked it up of course, but then noticed that my trip brochure containing the notes for blogging was missing! We retraced our steps, even looked in the trash, and did not find it. But I got lucky--a woman named Merry had seen the brochure on the ground and picked it up, then decided that someone might want the notes so she did NOT throw it in the trash, and when I asked about it at morning meeting she had it! What a relief!

It was a great day on the water--lots of water fights and a good time was had by all. The scenery was much the same as yesterday--beautiful tall bluffs, not much development. Not many places available to stop along the river today, but we had a lovely day, with a slight tail wind. This time when we locked through I got some photos!

Harpers Ferry is a great place--the park is beautiful, with flowers and shade trees everywhere. There are many retired people in town, and many many golf carts! They shuttled us around in the golf carts and a trailer with folding chairs set up in the back. Dinner was at the Community Center, and was excellent--meatloaf, ham. or veggie casserole, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, rolls and dessert. What a spread! There were no public showers in town, so we had Rumble showers--open air ice cold water from a showerhead fed by a garden hose! There was an option today for a "warm" outdoor shower, heated by this neat little propane heater. However, it did not last... I was 4th in line and it was icy cold...

After dinner we walked to the convenience store where I bought 3 packs of birthday candles--tomorrow is silly hat day and my birthday, so I decided to decorate my Tilley hat for the occasion. The store did not have any ribbon, so Bill and I just duct taped the candles on the hat... I told the golf cart driver (Jan) about my hat and asked where I could get some ribbon... well, she turned that cart around and took me to her friend Trish's house, telling me that she would surely have ribbon. She surely did! And she curled it up and made a bow and they helped me attach it all to the hat. Here we are with our creation. What a friendly place--my favorite so far on this Rumble.

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