Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 11.

I am so tired of getting ready for this vacation that I need a vacation!

Friday started with a quick trip to the Grosse Ile bakery for coffee and muffins with "the boys". Then I went to the grocery store and post office, took the groceries home and put them away and made up a marinade, trimmed the chicken and put it in to marinate. Then I called my sister and headed to the airport to pick up Dianne--her flight arrived at 9:20. We went to the fruit and veg market to get sweet corn and then met Bill for breakfast, went back up to the glasses place (other direction) then home where I cut the grass and planted a couple of things that needed to be planted...

We got Bill's bike ready for her to ride and then took a short "shake down cruise" on the mountain bikes. This gave me a chance to ride mine since I had just cleaned it up and put it back together the previous day... by the time we were back from the ride we had to go to Monroe to pick up the truck from its date with the diesel mechanic. After that we went back up to get my replacement glasses then rushed home to get supper ready!

Alison, Francis and Adam came, and Erika and Toby, and my sister Rana... we had a full table, with a place set for Luke (who did not show up). It was great fun for the kids to meet Dianne, we celebrated Alison and Francis's September birthdays, and a good time was had by all until well after 9 PM. And I had not yet packed for leaving the next day!

I love my life, but I cannot imagine how I ever had time to work!

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