Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2: Alpena to Harrisville. 33 miles

This was rather a tough day. It was beautiful and sunny, and very calm. The air was calm, the water was calm.... so we motored most of the way. It was only when we got close to Harrisville that we were able to shut down the motor and put up the sails. It was my turn to drive at the time that we put them up, so I got to bring us to the mouth of the harbor, then I turned the tiller over to Bill to bring us in.

The problem with motoring on a sail boat is that there is just a small motor, meant for pulling in and out of docks and harbors. It is small and loud, especially to those of us who enjoy silent sports! Not fun to motor all day, and not what we want to do.

Tomorrow is our longest day--we have to do 70 miles whether we want to or not. It is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny, with a 5-10 MPH wind when I checked this morning.... We can sail this boat in that kind of wind.... we just can't sail in dead calm (like today). Hope for the best...

Toby, the budding scientist, is enjoying this trip--he uses the binoculars to scan the horizon frequently to let us know of any coming hazards. He found some great fossils in Alpena, and is checking out the Harrisville rocks for more of the same. After he releases them from the rocks, his mother identifies them... He reads a lot too, so it has been pleasant for all of us.... not once has he asked "are we there yet?".

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