Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September1: Presque Isle Harbor to Alpena. 48 miles

We were able to sail most of the day, which was better than we expected... The weather report told us we were going to start out with calm air and then have it right on the nose for the rest of the day. Instead we were able to sail along nicely for the first 3 hours, and then had to motor-sail for about an hour and a half when the wind was indeed a headwind. But as we neared Alpena we were able to sail the last 20 miles, at some points scooting along at 11 MPH. (if you're a power boater you are laughing right now, but if you sail you'll wish you'd been with us!).
We passed by the remains of a wrecked freighter about midday, but other than Bill skimming very very close to a buoy there was not much to see out there. Lots of deep water.... When we arrived at Alpena we saw this guy sitting on the dock near the Coast Guard Auxiliary boat, and there is a Great Lakes Research boat docked next to us. Erika liked that...
Toby conked his head again today. We are getting a bit worried about him--the day we put in at Rogers City he hit it pretty hard (and the boat was not even in the water yet!) drawing blood... Erika closed it with a butterfly, and we went on our way. Yesterday he hit it twice on the boom, and today he climbed over me and lost his balance and conked himself again... how do you get a kid to be more careful? We keep checking his pupils and alertness, and putting ice on as needed... What else can you do?
Other than the occasional injury (I conked my head on the boom today too) we are doing very well. Not too thrilled about tomorrow's forecast--we may be nose to the wind again, but we'll take it as it comes. Any day on the boat is a good day!

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