Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What would you call it?

The sailing season is done--we took the boat out of the water on Sunday. Bill, Bruce, Erika and Toby motored down to Lake Erie Metro Park, and I drove the truck and triailer to retrieve them... it went well.

When we got home, I finished the mast condom that Bill asked me to sew for him. He chided me for calling it that, but what would you call it??? Take a look--the camoflage fleece is the internal sleeve, with a waterproof outer vinyl covering. This is to protect the part that sticks out the back of the barn. Maybe this can be a new career for me... sewing mast protectors?

I did a terrible thing today--I rode a stationary bike in a spinning class. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate indoor cycling, but it will soon be winter in Michigan (although not this week). I am going to ride after my weight training times on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is most convenient that there are classes scheduled right when I finish my workout... Perhaps by spring I will be able to climb better than I did last year? I am not sure how effective the spinning is for building climbing ability; I am about to find out!

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Marie Swan said...

Hi Linda,

I have a cycling friend who was always a fairly slow rider. She started doing spinning at her local gym and I noticed a big improvement. I think she gained 2-3 miles an hour. I would think speed would translate to hill climbing. I like your mast "sleeve". The alternate terminology works too. : )