Monday, November 30, 2009

Bike the Lights

The Wayne County (Michigan) Lightfest is a yearly event. It takes weeks to prepare the lights--a five mile expanse of holiday lights down Edward Hines Drive, a lovely rolling parkway along the Rouge River. Every year just before this display opens for the public to drive through there is one night to run through the lights and one night to bike through the lights.

I have done both the run and the bike, and both are impressive. This year we planned all along to do the bike ride. Then at the last minute Bill had to work late, so with some help from Erika and Francis I loaded up the bikes and Toby and I took off at the last possible moment to make the ride... we met Kat at the gas station with a flash of the headlights (no time to stop) and proceeded to the parking area. The cutoff was 6:45 PM, and that is when we arrived!

We unloaded the bikes and rigged lights on the unlighted ones, and away we went! Toby was thrilled--this was the first time he ever was allowed to ride his bike after dark! It was a ten mile ride--5 miles to the end of the display, a turnaround and then of course we had to ride the 5 miles back to where we started. We got a T-shirt and hot chocolate and cookies for our troubles. What a great ride!

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The Michigonians said...

HI Linda: Great blog. Can't wait to go into the back issues to see where you have been. Looks like you are enjoying yourself and having fun. Great seeing you at the luncheon - what a great time. Teri LaVoy