Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Polar Plunge

Going back to the question of what cyclists do in Michigan in the winter.... if you are really crazy, or really dedicated to raising money for your favorite cause, you jump in the lake in northern Michigan in February..... My brother-in-law did that yesterday. It was 9 degrees outside when we piled into the car to drive to the lake, but by the time they plunged in, it was closer to 20 degrees. I was warm enough as a fully dressed spectator...

It was a fund raiser for Michigan Special Olympics, called the Polar Plunge. They cut a hole in the ice in Otsego Lake and people dress in costumes and PLUNGE into the icy water while the rest of us look on and, of course, pledge money to their cause. Mike and 2 local police dispatchers dressed as jail inmates and a cop (if you can picture this cop in green flowered jammers) and did a little chase scene before plunging (notice their fake guns!). Other fun costumes were a couple of penguins, and a three-generational team of cat woman, wonder woman, and an old time swimmer. Of course there was a team of plumbers (plungers in hand).
I have to give them a lot of credit for jumping into that icy lake... Heck, I wear a wetsuit to swim in the lake when the water temperature is 70 degrees!

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