Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curacao travel day

We left Detroit at 6:30 AM, arrived at Miami airport with about a half hour and 20 gates between leaving one plane and boarding the other. Time enough to hit the rest room, buy a book (finished mine on the first plane), and get a sandwich to go and a bottle of water. Much preferable to the 8 hours spent in Miami airport last year waiting for a connecting flight!

My bike arrived, but I have not unpacked it yet. I am assuming that it's not been banged around too much.... I opened my suitcase (checked baggage) and found that the swim gear in a net bag, that I was so sure I packed, was not in the case. Not sure if I left it on the floor when packing or if it got lifted somewhere along the way, sure hope it's the former.

I tried to call and text Bill on arrival, but it bounced back. I must not have the right access code. It is 86 degrees and very humid here. 2 couples from Michigan flew in with me, and we met up with a couple from Baltimore on the second flight. A few more are coming in tonight, but we got a call that the people planning to leave NYC tomorrow will be delayed due to weather. Glad to be here and ready to train--those of us that are here are going to meet at 7:30 AM for an open water swim, then eat breakfast, put our bikes together, and go to the grocery store.

When I got here there was no room at the inn--for some reason they expected me to arrive tomorrow. They found me a room, but I'll be changing rooms tomorrow and having a roommate.

The main program starts Saturday, with swim coaches Boris and Vlad. Camera battery is dead, can't figure out why.... I have a spare and a charger, so will post photos next time I blog.

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