Sunday, March 7, 2010

Curacao, March 7, 2010

We did it! There were 16 of us this year who did the two-mile open water swim. (Several people who did it last year left on an early flight).

At 7:00 we boarded the dive boat that was to take us out and drop us off. At 7:05 we got off that boat and boarded a different boat that really did take us out to sea and drop us off. Judy, Osa and I were the first wave (those of us still here from lane 1) with 2 more waves at 5 minutes apart. We all finished around the same time--48 minutes for us, less for the faster people. Of course the current was with us and the seas were calm, but still, that was a pretty good time.

Darlene and Phyllis had our cameras on the boat and took our photo at the start and finish. Then it was coffee and breakfast. We have 3 hours to relax until we load up for the trip to the airport. My ear is still plugged. I will take decongestant, ear drops and ibuprofen and hope for the best!

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Bill said...

What a great way to enjoy your retirement!