Saturday, March 20, 2010

The rest of the story

OK, Here is the rest of the story.

The hives were cleared up by the shots and prescriptions obtained at the ER. But by the time I started feeling a little better, I was having respiratory issues...

I unpacked my bike Thursday March 10 and took it to the bike shop, and the mechanic took one look at it and said "I would not ride this bike". So, my BRAND NEW bike is not rideable! I emailed American Airlines and the reply I got stated that their very narrow rules for filing claims required me to file IN PERSON within 24 hours of the damage, or in writing within 7 days. Of course I did not know those rules while in Curacao, or I would have dropped them a line... I called my homeowners insurance, then I emailed AA again, asking for an exception to be made since I did not know at the time that the bike was damaged so severely that I should not even ride it! Still awaiting a response on that one.

I went to the doc on Monday March 15 and she said the hives were most likely caused by the jelly fish stings, and the respiratory problems most likely from breathing on the flight. I am nearly recovered now, 6 days later.

We have been having super weather here in Michigan--it's been in the 60s most days since I've been home, but I did not have the energy to go out and play until yesterday. So I got out on my (old) bike and rode 24 miles yesterday. Not sure if I'll be ready for the triathlon at the end of April... .swimming is good, biking is slow and running is pitiful. Could I finish? Yes. Might I be the last finisher? Probably not. We'll see. I have 5 weeks to get back in the training mode.

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