Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22

This was certainly a "taper" day, although we were busy all day.  This morning we firmed up some of our plans for the bike trips later this year. We were already set for the Seattle to Fargo trip, but had not yet made any plans before and after the Eugene, OR to San Francisco trip. Now we have tentative plans to do a Yosemite tour after the bike trip, and we went over the maps for both trips. The one in the fall (Eugene to SF) is going to be spectacular! All along the west coast... 

After we finished planning, we got on the bikes and rode over to Tarpon Springs via country roads and a beautiful county park. While at Tarpon Springs we walked along the waterfront sponge docks, I bought and sent post cards and got the kids each a book with local flavor. Upon returning from the bike ride (25 miles total) we ate lunch, showered and ran errands. Not a really exciting day, but the weather was perfect and the easy ride felt great.

Of course after the errands we played Scrabble until and after (but not during) supper. 

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Bill said...

That Eugene to SF ride sounds wonderful! When are you doing it?