Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trouble Creek

Yesterday Dianne and I walked the 2 miles to her gym, then I ran 4 miles while she worked out. We walked back the 2 miles, ate, played Scrabble and never did make it to the pool. We did go on line and make a reservation for next week--we are driving to Sarasota and riding our bikes on the 40 mile causeway, and staying one night beachfront. Of course we'll bring the Scrabble game...

Today we did the C ride with her bike club. First there's the "racing ride" at 25 MPH+, then the A ride at 22-25 MPH, the Betweeners ride at 20-22 MPH, and the B ride at 18 to 20 MPH. Then there's the C ride, at 16 to 18 MPH. We did indeed maintain that speed for the 40 mile ride to Trouble Creek and back, although I was flagging at the end of the ride. Dianne and I rode with Harvey and Tony--pictured here with me at our 20 mile rest stop. Harvey is 80 years old, and has completed the Hawaii Ironman and is a former national bike racing champion. Tony is 15 years old and a nationally ranked swimmer! No slouches on this ride!

On the way home I asked Dianne what the rest of the people do--those who can't yet ride at 17 or 18 MPH. She assured me that there is a ride for them too. After the ride we ate omelets, played Scrabble, went to the grocery store, played Scrabble, ate dinner, and then guess what!!?? We played Scrabble!

On our grocery store trip we stopped at the dive shop where I found rash guard clothing. Very important for me, for "just in case" we can't wear wetsuits for the race next week, and also for the next time I go to Curacao for swim camp. Since I had such a severe reaction to the sea creature bites (jelly fish? sea lice?) I'd better not take a chance on it happening again... from now on I will wear the rash guard for all ocean swims!

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