Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Sunny Florida

I got up at 3:18 this morning, after getting to bed after midnight. This lack of sleep makes me sort of slow and stupid, but with Bill's help I managed to get to the airport on time. The plane landed in Tampa a bit early!

Dianne picked me up and we stopped for a late breakfast, came to her house and put my bike together. We drove to the bike shop at one point and I purchased some race day nutrition and a mirror... got back here and could not find the bag. So we got on the bikes, rode to the bike shop and they could not find it there.  After a really nice ride (almost 16 miles) we found it here in the  back of the car. Life is good. I should  recover from the stupidity by tomorrow.

I am still concerned about my running, but am going to do the race next weekend. After I got here we booked a room in St. Petersburg so we won't have to drive there twice, and so early in the morning... Again, life is good. I suspect we will play scrabble tonight and plan the rest of my time here.

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