Friday, June 18, 2010

Anacortes, WA

We are here in Anacortes, trying to get used to the time change. Of course I was up at 3 AM, even after the 22 hour day yesterday!

We attempted to play a game of Scrabble on the bus ride from the airport to this hotel--not a good idea! It was so bumpy that we gave up in the middle of the game and packed it up and looked at our biking maps. When it came time to change buses I had a hunch and looked under the bus seat--there were 2 Scrabble tiles!!! Oh no! So I picked them up and we changed buses. On the second bus when we went to put the found tiles away I thought we should count--there were only 99 tiles! So I ran out of the bus, back to the other one, told someone in the front to NOT let the bus leave with me on it, and searched frantically for the last tile. I crawled around on the floor, stuck my hands down the backs of the seats, found all sorts of old dessicated unrecognizable food items, and at long last, the missing tile.

The driver of the second bus was patiently waiting for me. She brought us here to Anacortes with no further Scrabble mishaps. We decided that next trip I'll bring this set and Dianne will bring the annoying little travel set with tiles that snap into place so you can't drop them.

We ate dinner at this cool little chowder bar and walked around the town for a while--the flowers were impressive, especially the calla lilies--they even had pots of them for sale at the local Walgreen's--a gallon pot bursting with plants, for only $5.99. I think that's what I have to pay for one bulb at home. But there are some things you just can't buy on a bike trip! I took these photos this morning, having forgotten the camera last night. We liked the food so much at Bob's Chowder Bar that we went back there for lunch today. It's a very busy place, but not at 6 AM when this photo was taken. Note the car wash with used cars for sale--there were indeed a couple of cars parked next to the building.

We put our bikes together today and went to the organizational meeting. It seems a lot of women on this tour are celebrating their 60th birthday. It makes me think about what I will do when I get to that milestone. Of course I have a LOT of years to think about it.... We have a group dinner tonight, and the bike trip starts tomorrow. It is cool and sunny here--perfect weather for biking!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you found the missing tiles, that could have been a catsrophe. Please tell Di that Phyllis and I played a set against Alyce and Dolores, although we did not win we were able to get two games, which Phyllis was ecstatic about. The girls are coaching me so that I can play against my sister when she returns. Good luck on the first day, pix are great. Jan