Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19: Anacortes to Sedro Woolley, WA, 38 miles

I did not want to take a chance on this small computer or the Scrabble game getting wet, or banged around in the truck, so I put it in a safe place this morning--buckled into the van!

We had breakfast at 7, and started out at 8:00.

This was a great first day's ride! It was a chilly morning, but who would not rather cycle in the chill than the heat? We rode the 5 miles down to the beach to dip our wheels, and then set out for this tour.
We got on a paved bike path in Anacortes, rode it for about 5 miles and then had a stint on highway 20. This was a 4-lane divided highway with a wide shoulder, and we crossed the bridge in this photo. My palms were sweaty inside my gloves, but I did not falter.

After we got off the highway we were on a 2 lane paved road for most of the rest of the day, with a small section on the unpaved Padilla Bay Shore Trail. We encountered a few hills along the way, but nothing too terribly hard.
Arriving in Sedro Woolley before noon, our rooms were not ready. Most of us walked next door for pizza buffet lunch. I had to think hard before eating pizza buffet, having not done so since Tucumcari, NM in May 2008, when I ended up in the hospital with food poisoning.... anyway it was good. Dianne missed lunch due to a trip to the bike shop to get a new cycling computer since she lost part of hers this morning.... it was a very long trip to the bike shop! She got back about 4 hours later, hungry and grouchy, but she'll get over it as soon as I finish this blog and we can play Scrabble.... While she was gone I walked to the Dairy Queen with several other women from the tour. Gotta have ice cream or beer every cycling day, sometimes both!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again L&D,
Sorry about the bike computer, she was sure she thought of everything, I would have loaned her mine. Went kayaking this morning on lake Tarpon, very peaceful little ride, then thunderclouds started gathering, got out just as the storm hit. Your ride looks great. Glad the scrabble game is buckled up.
Enjoy, J