Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrabble at 30,000 feet

This has been the longest day ever! I awoke at 3:00 AM EDT, ate some toast and headed to the airport for my 6:00 AM flight to..... Atlanta! You may wonder why I would fly from Detroit to Atlanta when my final destination is Seattle. I'm beginning to wonder that myself. But it was a cheap flight and Dianne was flying from Tampa to Atlanta to Seattle.

So we met up in the ATL airport, walked around for an hour, ate some breakfast, then caught our flight to Seattle. En route we were able to play 6 games of Scrabble! Of course we are tied 3-3, but I am WAY ahead on points having had one super game with 3 bingos! But she'll have plenty of time to catch up on this trip.

We each brought 200 double sided score sheets. So we have the potential of playing 400 games before we run out of sheets. Now that's a lot of Scrabble even for us!

I am sitting in SEATAC airport, where we just finished lunch. We landed around 13:30 our time, which is 12:30 PM here. I just changed my watch, so it is officially almost 2 PM and I've been up 13 hours so far.... we have a 2 hour shuttle to Anacortes. We probably won't play Scrabble on the bus--it was pretty crazy on the plane when we dropped tiles.... I don't even want to know what kind of germs I got crawling around on the floor under the seats!
Photo above was taken at 30,000 feet somewhere over the midwest.

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Anonymous said...

It actually comes out to ONLY 10 games a day (approximatley). Since she whipped me the other day with 3 bingos in one game, she is getting a taste of defeat. Give her my love.