Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010. South Manitou Island to Leland, MI. 37 miles.

We got a rather late start today, but it is vacation after all! Bill and Erika drove first, and the kids and I were "ballast", sitting out on the amas to keep the boat a bit flatter on the water. Leland was only 12 miles away from our harbor, but we circumnavigated South Manitou Island before heading off to Leland. It was a nice ride--we saw the dunes along the shoreline, and a shipwreck that has been there since 1960. There are a number of other shipwrecks here, in an underwater park for divers. We also got to see how far we walked yesterday, and how much closer it would have been if only we'd turned left when we reached the shore!

Liza got to drive the boat for a while, and she asked if she could do more sailing, so we had her cranking on the winch and learning sailing terms that she will probably never need in her life again...

I drove for a while under sail; it's only fair that we all take a turn. At about 3:30 PM we were still 9 miles from Leland when the air died. Bill was driving then, so we rolled in the screecher (large head sail) and he started the motor. We motor-sailed with motor and mainsail the rest of the way to Leland harbor. No one likes to drive with the motor, but I took a turn at that too. Bill likes to be able to move around the boat and do other things, so we all do our part.
We got to the harbor before 5 PM, pumped out the head and got a dock. We took our showers and then walked to a nearby restaurant where we had
a wonderful dinner, and then walked again for ice cream. It feels so good to be clean! It is great fun anchoring out, but there is something to be said for running water!

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Linda it looks so beautiful and peaceful. What a wonderful summer your having.