Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23,2010. Rest day at Leland

This was a great place for a rest day! We had a rude awakening this morning--we were accustomed to the quiet of being anchored out, and when the fishing boats started up there was no more sleep to be had in this harbor. We all walked to town and had breakfast and coffee, and then split up and did some shopping for groceries and fun things.After the errands Liza, Toby and I headed to the beach, which I had promised them yesterday. It is a beautiful public beach, not crowded at all. The water felt cold at first--this is northern Lake Michigan after all. But once we got over the initial shock we were fine, and Liza and I swam back and forth across the expanse of the beach several times before we took a break for the lunch we had packed.

After lunch I was reading my book and Liza was sketching the beach and all of a sudden we could not see Toby! We walked up and down the beach (he had said he was not going in the water) and she finally found him, or rather his face...he was buried in the sand with only his face visible so you had to be on top of him to see him! We swam some more and then headed to the boat to meet up with Bill and Erika and to clean up for dinner.
The photo above is the view we had from our upper level patio table at the restaurant, and the group photo below was taken by our waitress, a college student from Russia! I noticed her accent sounded a lot like Liza's and Liza said "what accent?" when we asked her what she thought. The two of them had a lively conversation in Russian, which they both enjoyed immensely judging by their laughter!

After dinner we went back to the boat and had some fudge that Erika and the kids had bought earlier, and then stretched out on the net, most of us reading and Liza doing macrame, and a lot of people stopped by to talk. A couple of women liked our relaxed state so much that they stopped and took our photo. It was a fun ending to a wonderful day.

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