Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 26, 2010. Beaver Island to Ironton, MI. 40 miles

We photographed the Beaver Island Lighthouse one more time as we sailed by. It was a nice morning--we had breakfast in town and then packed up to go. There was not a lot of air, but we hoped for better once we got out of the harbor.And it worked! There was a little more air out on Lake Michigan, enough to put up the spinnaker and sail for hours. We all (except Toby) took a turn driving. It's a good thing for Erika to do with her broken foot--it keeps her out of trouble.

Liza took a turn sailing the boat under sail, and she did very well. She was at it a long time today, and sailing with the spinnaker up is a bit touchier than sailing with main and jib. Bill and I were both impressed with how well she did!
About 15 miles out from Charlevoix, the air died and we had to start the motor. Bill and I took turns driving with motor and main sail, until we looked up and saw a big rip in the main sail! It was really strange, since there was no pressure on it in the light air. So we rolled it up and motored the rest of the way in to the channel. We had been seeing a barge behind us all the way across from Beaver Island and it preceded us and another sailboat through the drawbridge.

We motored on to Ironton, where Mike met us to take the Troika out of the water and put the mast down and get ready for the long trip home. We arrived at Ironton around 6 PM, and it was 7:30 by the time we were all wrapped up. So we went to Mike and Sandy's and ordered chinese food and helped them drink a bottle of wine. We spent the night at their house and left for home in the morning.

Above is a shot of Mike helping his brother and trying to look like a sailor!
We were all glad to get home and have tons to do to catch up before the next adventure, including taking the main sail in for repair.
What a great trip!

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