Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 29, 2010

Bill and I promised Liza and Toby that we would have a bike ride today... We had originally planned to do a local organized ride with hundreds of people, but it did not work out so we went to the Metro Parks and rode there. We were stopped by a train on the way to get ice cream, but it did not hold us up too long.
When we got back to the park, Liza took a spin on Bill's recumbent bike. She did pretty well, especially when you consider that she is almost a foot shorter than Bill! It was quite a stretch for her to reach the pedals.

We had to rush back home, since Erika was going to dinner, Liza was going to a swimming pool party, and Toby, Bill and I were going to an anniversary celebration for which we knew we were going to be late.

I am looking forward to a day soon when I will not be rushed from morning until night... think it will ever happen?

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