Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010. Detroit to Eugene, OR

This was the longest day ever... I got up at 3:00 AM EDT. The alarm was set for 3:30, but oh well,that's how I am. We left for the airport at 4:00, arriving before 5 for my 6:20 AM flight. I had packed a sandwich and some fruit and ate most of it on the way to Denver.

We touched down at Denver, got off the plane for less than an hour, then it was back on the same plane to go on to Portland, OR. I ate the rest of my food on that leg. We landed at Portland a tad late and I was worried about catching my connecting flight. I needn't have worried.... We were scheduled to board at 11:00 AM and leave at 11:20, which of course felt a lot like 2:20 PM to me. After changing our gate 6 times, and delaying the flight a little bit more each time, we finally lifted off (in a plane with propellers!) at close to 1 PM for the 45 minute flight.

After arriving at Eugene I took a shuttle to the hotel, walked to Subway to get a sandwich, picked up my bike box and new tires and started to put my bike together. It was mostly done by the time Dianne and Jan arrived. I put a new tire on the back, took off the front tire, and instead of putting on the other new tire I put on the one I had just taken off the back.... then I KNEW I was tired! I rechanged the front tire (it was already on the bike and aired up!) and found that the back tire would not take air. A bad tube. Sigh. So I took the new back tire off, replaced the tube and finally was ready to go.

Dianne drove me to FedEx and I sent my bike box on to San Francisco. NOW we are ready to roll! Dianne and her sister Jan and their 2 cousins have been touring in a rented van for a week, and the 3 will leave in the van tomorrow while Dianne and I will meet the rest of the Adventure Cycling group at a nearby park and start our biking/camping trip. Pray for good weather!

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Derek said...

Hi Linda! This is Derek in Fl. My friend Dianne told me about your trip and I will looking in from time to time. Wish I was there!