Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 24, 2010. Eugene to Florence, OR. 65 miles

We met at Richardson Park outside Eugene, set up our tents and Dianne and I got a few games of Scrabble in before dinnertime. The tour leaders made dinner the first night, and Dianne and I signed up for cooking duties the first day of riding. It was a misty morning, and we had a light breakfast, so when we came upon this diner at Low Pass, we went in and what a good choice it was! Dianne and Mary were not far behind me, and we all had a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, baked and served by Patrice, shown below.

Marshall and Patrick came in before we were done, (Marshall on the right). Pat got a free piece of pie since it's his birthday.

There were a lot of rolling hills and lovely views on our way to Florence. We saw llama farms and horse farms along the way. We climbed Low Pass, which was not too bad. It's all relative--after riding in the mountains, it was not too bad...

We passed through Triangle Lake, where I took this "reflective" photo. Mary and Dianne and I hopscotched along the route, sometimes all together and sometimes 2 to 1, sometimes separate. We have not yet found our riding partners on this tour.

Mary and I stopped for a break at this covered bridge. We saw Dianne on the main road (the bridge was on the side road very close to the road we were riding). I blew my whistle loudly but she was oblivious... the dog at the nearby farmhouse heard it though.... he came trotting out to see what we were about. I gave him my bad dog voice and pointed my finger and said "go home" and he actually did! Life is good.

There were logging trucks on the road, the bane of all cyclists. I took this photo after lunch, which Dianne and I had at a small restaurant/bar along the route.

We passed through the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which was very nice.... however, we were the cooks, so we lost no time getting to Honeyman State Park. Our spaghetti and salad went over very well with the group. We are also preparing breakfast tomorrow and providing PB&J, fruit and snacks for people to make their lunches. We have 13 riders and 2 leaders and we are all getting to know one another.

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