Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 28, 2010. Brookings, OR to Crescent City, CA. 41 miles.

We left Brookings in a heavy mist. It was less than ten miles to the state line, and we stayed on highway 101 to get there. We crossed the road to take photos of each other at the Oregon sign--one to add to my collection of bike photos taken at state lines...
There was a young man sitting in his truck at the state line, and he was kind enough to take our photo together. Welcome to California! Shortly after this photo was taken we were off on Ocean View Drive, where we could hear the ocean but could not see a thing through the mist.

We stopped at the bike shop on the way into Crescent City where I bought 2 more pairs of gloves. I started this trip with 2 new pairs of Serfas gloves, but I blew the gel pack out of one glove after 4 days so I thought I'd better have backups. I bought a different brand this time.

When we got to camp and showered, I started the chicken marinating (our turn to cook), hung my tent and sleeping bag out to dry after the very heavy mist this morning left everything damp. Dianne and I played some Scrabble while cooking, walked to the store to get sweet corn, and made campfire dinner--baked potatoes in foil in the fire, and chicken grilled over it all. We steamed the broccoli and corn on the camp stove. Everyone liked our offering, and this was the last time we have to cook dinner on this trip. We have breakfast duty in the morning, then we are done!

We are camped at Shoreline RV park, and it is indeed on the shore line. The photo above was taken from the campsite. The fog horn is going off every 6 seconds, sea lions are barking on the beach, and buoy bells are clanging constantly. All very nice sounds. It sounds very "California" to me.

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