Friday, February 4, 2011

Florida 2011. Day 1.

It was 3 degrees outside when my friend Chris picked me up to take me to the airport. Now that is wicked cold.... she dropped me at the door, and with just a carryon bag and pre-printed boarding pass I bypassed the checkin line and made it through security in minutes.

I had come early because many flights were cancelled the day before due to heavy snow, and I was afraid that my flight would be overbooked. 

We took off on time, had an uneventful flight, and Dianne picked me up right on time.  It was 73 degrees out, and I could not peel off my fleece shirt fast enough!  We had lunch, stopped at the drug store and played scrabble, what else? Pictured above is Dianne with the giant bottles of wine we got on sale at the drug store--a holiday offering that did not go over so well I guess... it is very good wine too!  You can see the scrabble game, timer, chocolate bars and nuts on the table too.... we have what we need...

The real reason we went to the drug store was to get cough medicine because I am struggling with cough and congestion.  For that reason I stayed home and put my bike together while Dianne played tennis and went to the gym this morning. Usually I swim while she plays tennis and run while she goes to the gym... oh well. We plan to ride bikes tomorrow; that's soon enough to start enjoying this superb weather!

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