Sunday, February 6, 2011

Florida 2011. Saturday Feb. 5.

We had planned on riding with Dianne's bike club this morning, but it looked like rain, so we waited around a while.... Dianne's sister Jan came by on her morning walk and took our photos, and finally we went out for a  ride, planning on doing about 25 miles.  We could see the mountains in the distance, oh wait. Florida does not have mountains... 

That was the weather front coming in!  We cut our ride short when the mountain of clouds was upon us and hightailed it for home.  We made it--we did not get wet.  Our ride was only 14 miles, but the bright side is that not only did we  not get wet, but we did not have to clean our bikes!

In the afternoon we went to Tarpon Springs by car--that's a first for me! We had lunch at Rusty Bellies, grouper sandwich of course, my favorite Florida lunch.

We walked around the town a little, then headed for home. Supper was in the crock pot, so we played  Scrabble until it was ready. What else?

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