Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The alarm rudely awakened me at 4:45 for my flight out of Detroit this morning. Bill drove me to the airport and then hurried back to meet the Wednesday morning grandkids at 6:30 and then meet the boys at the bakery... retirement is not for sissies! The flight out was delayed due to bad weather in Atlanta, and I was sure I was going to miss my connecting flight. However, that flight was also delayed due to the same bad weather so it all worked out. I landed in San Antonio and took a one hour taxi ride out here to Kerrville where I am going to meet up with the bike tour tomorrow. I put the bike together in record time--it is indeed getting easier to do and I am much better at packing it and tying everything down. I celebrated by taking a photo of my toes and fingers that I had painted to match my bike. I know you're all laughing because I just DON'T DO manicures, but my hands were really messed up from some home improvement work and needed a little TLC. Thanks Margaret for talking me into the blue nail polish! It's perfect!

The local taxi company is called Hill Country Taxis; this area, known as Hill Country, is indeed hilly. It ought to be a fun ride. I walked out to dinner, took a few photos and then an evening walk. I'll take a spin on the bike tomorrow to warm up my legs a bit... these first few days are going to be tough--the others on the tour have already been riding a month. It is sunny and warm here, unlike Detroit!

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