Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011. Quincy to Crawfordville, FL. 48.5 miles.

We started out on a misty morning, riding on lovely country roads with gently rolling hills. It was perfect! There was a shoulder on the road, and not much traffic. I took the above photo of the Ochlockonee River at about 9 AM. The mist was still heavy enough that I had to wipe it off my sunglasses frequently. (I tried taking them off but then I could not read the cue sheet--never a good thing). We entered the Apalachicola National Forest at about mile 18 into the ride, and rode through it for 15 miles or so. It was a lovely ride! Dianne had warned us that when she rode through here one summer that the horse flies were all over the cyclists, but we did not have that problem today. Must be a seasonal thing... I found it interesting that the tall pine trees, ferns and tropical palm grasses all grew together in this forest.

There was an option to go to Wakulla Springs State Park, but Dianne and I did not go. Those who took the option were very impressed with the park. Oh well.... We rode on and stopped for lunch in Crawfordville at Myra Jean's restaurant. The waitresses were wearing bunny ears and the food was great! We did not have the behemoth burger, but were impressed enough to take a photo of it on the menu. Wow! Who could eat all that!!!???

We stopped at an ATM (I was out of cash) and an office store (to get copies of our Scrabble score sheets) and pedaled on. We are staying at the Inn at Wildwood, a golf resort outside Crawfordville. Some of our group are going kayaking tomorrow, some are golfing, but Dianne and I are resting (that's what rest days are for) and playing Scrabble. OK, I guess we are also doing laundry and cleaning the bikes. But that's all. Gotta rest for the final 4-day push into St. Augustine.

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historicstitcher said...

So is that the Southern version of Hooters???