Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24, 2011. Rest day at Crawfordville, FL.

This was a crazy kind of Easter Sunday. I hitched a ride to church with the Methodists... They invited me to go with them and I asked if they would drop me off at the Catholic church instead, and they did. Then I went back with them to the Methodist church for their fellowship brunch. Came back to the hotel, cleaned the bike, and played Scrabble with Dianne.My family sent me photos of the wire man dressed up as the missing me. Delia recognized my photo but it looks like she found the wire-man grandma's lap less comfortable than mine!

Toby sent me a big hug.

We had dinner in the parking lot and Tex and Fiona wore their Easter bonnets while Nancy wore her fuzzy bunny ears. I did not stick around long after dinner--it was still pretty hot and steamy out there and I like to spend my rest days in air conditioned comfort whenever possible.


Rita Rowe said...


You have an amazing account of your ride in your blog! If you want to get it bound into a journal, check and consider having them bind it into a book. I did, and it is a cherished memento of my Southern Tier ride! It is not too expensive, and cheaper if you have it done in soft cover bind. It is like a "year book" with all your photos and journaling.

Rita Rowe said...

blog2print is the website.

Anonymous said...

Adam made me pretend to feed you throughout dinner and dessert. You are missed!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the wire Grandma - how cool. And I am with you all the way on the air conditioning thing.

historicstitcher said...

Near the end of dinner Adam said he wished "the real grandma was here". We agreed. But it was fun finding the things you do and having "you" do them!