Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011.Crawfordville to Perry, FL. 54 miles.

I have a few more photos from Easter on the home front... Here is Adam, who misses his grandma and made his mom feed the wire-man grandma yesterday. I miss him too! It is time to go home to my real life! Wire-man grandma also spent some time playing Scrabble on the computer yesterday. That's how the real grandma learns new words.

I was one of the last riders to leave the hotel this morning at about 7:40. We did not have a long day, but we like to get our ride in before it gets too hot. About 8 miles into the ride we crossed the Wakulla River, where I stopped to look for alligators... none to be seen, but I looked down and saw 2 manatees swimming down the river! What a thrill!

The next river I stopped at was St. Mark's, where I still did not see any alligators, but got a reflective shot of the river with a sailboat tied at a dock. I don't really want to get close to an alligaotor; I just want to see one and take its photo (with the zoom lens of course).

Lisa was our sag driver today, and she was right where she was supposed to be, wearing an Easter bonnet! It seems like just when I am really ready for a break she is there. And I was plenty ready today.... I had a slow day. I think it's due to the fact that I did not eat right yesterday.

Dianne and I rode into Perry at around noon and stopped at Pouncy's for lunch. I asked for iced tea and they brought me a quart jar full! I drank every bit of it, and had a delicious marinated chicken sandwich and french fries. I was revived enough to go the remaining 3 miles to the hotel.

Dianne and I played a few games of Scrabble this afternoon, and are walking out for supper soon. Many of the riders are ordering pizza to be delivered, but I prefer other food so will go out on my own. We are at a Hampton Inn, so there is complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks starting right about now. Guess I'll have a glass of wine and THEN walk out for supper.... life is good.

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